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Quieter Environment Through Sound Thinking (QUEST)

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If you're annoyed by noise from aircraft, and are concerned about the ever-increasing amount of jet and helicopter traffic finding its way to the Morristown Municipal Airport at all hours of the day and night, then you've come to the right place.  QUEST is a grass-roots community organization dedicated to doing something about this growing noise problem.

QUEST stands for QUieter Environment through Sound Thinking.   It was founded in 1998 by a handful of volunteers and has been working ever since to seek solutions to this problem.  We helped launch the Morris County Aviation Committee, which has begun a number of initiatives, including the identification of additional "Noise Sensitive Areas" for helicopter routes.  These are marked on airport maps provided to pilots.  Small improvements to the arrival path have been achieved as well.  Admittedly, hardly a panacea, but we'll continue to work for (and sometimes achieve) practical improvements.

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After a relatively "quiet" period, there seems to be plans for another round of expansion at Morristown Airport.  QUEST members were admittedly caught off guard -- and a bit disappointed.  We hoped we would have gotten a heads-up from MMU representatives who participate with us in the Freeholders Morris County Airport Advisory Committee meetings.  (Kudos to Freeholder Director Margaret Nordstrom her continued hard work to keep this important group going.  She really takes this issue seriously and has been a strong leader.)

Check out the Daily Record articles for details about the expansion, and an additional article on noise concerns related to activity at Teterboro.  It's great to see the Daily Record giving these important stories coverage.  (You'll see our own Bill List quoted.)  QUEST will work to better understand just what's happening, what impact it might have on our ongoing noise concerns, and what steps might be appropriate in response.  We'll be watching this closely.

Past "front page" announcements are archived here.

If you have a fast Internet link, check out the UPN9 news story on Teterboro (06-Jun-2001).  The video is interesting viewing. Next QUEST executive meeting (1Q2007 - date will be emailed to exec committee)  Contact us if you'd like to attend.

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