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New Life Fellowship

(973) 377-2121
203 Green Avenue
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)

We call ourselves New Life Fellowship for a reason.  New Life because we want new life for ourselves, our families, friends and neighbors.  We use the word Fellowship  because we believe that faith is lived out in community.

We are a Christian church that seeks to understand biblical Christianity as revealed in the Bible.  We say biblical Christianity because Christianity has taken on many forms down through the centuries.  Our goal is to explore our Christian faith in light of Scripture and not let it be a result of tradition or man made dogma.

This type of exploration can be difficult.  It takes patience, understanding of other perspectives, and grace.  We see faith as a journey.  Our perspective is unapologetically Christian; however, we welcome anyone who has questions regarding the faith or are also exploring how to live out their faith in these trying times