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New Jersey Music Educators Association

The mission of the New Jersey Music Educators Association is the advancement of music instruction in New Jersey's educational institutions at all levels that provide in-service and enrichment opportunities for practicing and retired teachers and prospective music educators, as well as sponsoring various festivals and all-state performing groups for K-12 students.

The Role of Music in New Jersey Education Access to Music Education

The New Jersey Music Educators Association (NJMEA) believes that every student at every level, K-12, should have access to a balanced, comprehensive, and sequential program of music instruction in school taught by teachers qualified in music.

The NJMEA believes that the finest possible education in music should be available to every student in the state and that every student should have an equal opportunity to study music. The quality and quantity of music instruction should not be a result of social status, racial or ethnic status, urban/suburban/rural status, or parental or community wealth.

Support for Music Education

The NJMEA believes that in order to achieve our commitment of equal educational opportunity for all, every school system, public or private, should provide adequate financial resources to support the music program as recommended in the Standards for Music Education. In public schools this support should come from public funds. The music program should not depend on funds raised by students, teachers, or support groups.

The NJMEA believes that if and when fiscal pressures require cutbacks in school programs such savings should be made equitably across subject-matter fields in order to maintain a balanced curriculum. NJMEA is opposed to any categorical cuts that would curtail or eliminate specific programs.