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Recreation Department

(973) 294-0896
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(973) 294-0896
50 Kings Road
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)


HEAT POLICY: Should the relevant office of the National Weather Service issue a Heat Advisory, all athletic fields will be closed from noon until 5:30 PM, automatically rendering any and all use during that timeframe as unauthorized by the Borough.​​

Madison Recreation Ordinance

Madison Recreation Policy Manual

For a fast response to any question not answered here, please e-mail the director at recreation@rosenet.org .

For Lost & Found, please click here.

Please call (973) 294-0896 to make sure the Director is on-site at Hartley Dodge Memorial before stopping in. You may also arrange an appointment via e-mail (recreation@rosenet.org).

The Madison Recreation Department provides a variety of activities, special events, and athletics for a wide-range of ages. The Borough of Madison Parks Department maintains all of the many Borough parks, playgrounds and athletic fields. Borough facilities include little league baseball and softball fields, nature trails, picnic areas and playgrounds. Lighted facilities include Dodge Field, which has a baseball/football field and two basketball courts. Memorial Park has a soccer field and a separate area for outdoor ice skating in the winter and practice area for soccer and football in the fall and for soccer and lacrosse in the spring.

The Madison Recreation programs also use many of the school facilities for its sports programs. Lighted facilities on Board of Education property include 6 lighted tennis courts at Madison High School and lights at the Green Village Road School field, which is used for soccer practice in the fall.

This website contains links that will provide you with information about the many recreational opportunities that exist in the Borough of Madison. For detailed information on any of the programs or facilities, please contact Zach Ellis, Recreation Director, at recreation@rosenet.org.

Information regarding these programs is also distributed to the schools and publicized in the local papers - The Madison Eagle and The Independent press.