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2013 Payroll Data

The Madison Borough Council is committed to openness and transparency in governance.  To that end, we have compiled a five year study of employee gross pay.  We have excluded from this summary employees who are no longer with the Borough, as well as part-time employees, or employees who earned less than $10,000.

All employees, full and part time, currently employed by the Borough whose gross earnings in 2012 exceeded $40,000 are detailed in this report.  The governing body members receive no compensation for their service to the borough, and are therefore not included.

The gross earning amounts reflect the W-2 reported Gross income, and include, in addition to base pay, step increases, longevity increases, over-time pay, stand-by pay and special duty pay, as applicable.

The employee names, job titles and payment statistics are all public information, and readily available from a variety of sources. 

For your convenience we have produced two reports. 

The first report  offers the gross pay of the selected employees arranged by department, their  Job title, and gross pay for tax years  2009,  2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. 

The second report offer the same information for the same set of employees, arranged instead in order of gross W-2 pay for the tax year 2012, from the highest paid employee of that year, down to a threshold of $10,000 for the year.

For your convenience, we have noted where an employee did not work a complete year, received an adjustment to their Job title, duties and compensation, or where the employee is paid for, in part, by another municipality.  In an effort to reduce the increase of property taxes, Madison is actively pursuing “shared services” agreements with the neighboring municipalities.

Anyone wishing further information about the compensation of any public employee in the State of New Jersey may consider this page,  http://www.app.com/section/DATA/DataUniverse which is hosted by the Asbury Park Press.  They offer access to a complete and easy to search database far exceeding the scope of these reports.

Payroll Report by Department

Payroll Report Ranked from Highest to Lowest

Other financial documents can be found on the Mayor & Council's Downloads Page or by clicking on the FINANCE tab above.