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Lincoln Place Redesign

Final bid documents and plans for Lincoln Place have been drafted and can be found by clicking here.

Council Members, Chamber Representatives, DDC Members, business owners,  landlords and various stakeholders have been working for nearly two years to develop a streetscape plan for Lincoln Place.

On January 25, 2010 the Council approved resolution R48-2010 awarding Pennoni Associates of Cedar Knolls a contract to survey Lincoln Place and develop detailed design/construction documents.

Lincoln Place 3-D

Below are links to documents relating to the project.

Presentation given to Council by Bob Vogel and Jim Burnet on January 25, 2010.

3-D Renderings created by Jim Sanderson and Craig Erezuma.  Note these models are renderings.  As such, the style & location of lamp posts, tree well locations, types of trees and street furniture are illustrative in nature.  The final design will be determined after the survey is completed.

Revised Streetscape Design created as a result of stakeholder input as well as reports and design concepts from Project for Public Spaces.

Streetscape Design Concepts created by Project for Public Spaces.

Placemaking Report created by Project for Public Spaces.

Alternate Parking Design Options designed in-house by the Borough Engineering staff during the summer of 2008.