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Lisa Gulla, Health Officer
(973) 593-3079
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Madison Civic Center
28 Walnut Street
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)

Breast Cancer Awareness



          October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. After skin cancer, breast cancer is the next most common type of cancer in American women and, although about 100 times less common, men are still susceptible to breast cancer. There are certain risk factors associated with breast cancer, such as increased body weight as an adult, drinking alcoholic beverages, not breastfeeding babies, and having children after age 35 or never having children at all. To lower the risk of breast cancer, it is important to maintain a healthy weight and get regular physical activity. Decreasing calorie intake, specifically fat intake, can also have an effect on lowering the risk of breast cancer, as well as avoiding or limiting alcoholic drinks. Aging, family history, alcohol and obesity are also risk factors for breast cancer development in men.

          The five year survival rate after diagnosis is almost 88% so early detection is very important. Many doctors feel that early detection saves thousands of lives each year. All men and women are encouraged to perform self examinations at least once a month feeling for lumps and/or thickenings. It is important that the self examinations are frequent so that men and women know how their breasts look normally, can identify changes quickly, and can diagnose breast cancer before symptoms arise.  Early detection and diagnosis means having a better chance to successfully treat breast cancer. The Madison Health Department will be holding cancer screenings for women ages 18 and older on October 28th. To make an appointment, please call (973)–593–3079 x1.