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2012 ReVal Status

Municipal Revaluation information as of November 2012

Property inspections:  
The initial inspection phase is complete.
If you have not yet had an interior inspection, you may call our office to schedule an appointment.   Please call 973-361-2701 between the hours of 9:30 am to 4:30 pm to schedule an appointment.
Interior inspections should only take five to ten minutes of your time depending on the size and detail of your home.
Our inspectors are wearing a photo ID and will also carry a letter of introduction.  Please do not allow anyone to enter your home without proper identification.   The Municipal Assessor and police department have the name, auto information and photograph of each of our inspectors.  Please call either the police or Certified Valuations Inc. at 973-361-2701 to confirm if you have any concerns. 
Inspectors are collecting data at your property and are not conducting an onsite appraisal.  
You may also see inspectors now as part of the quality control, conducting inspections as a result of any property changes, or as a follow-up resulting from informal taxpayer meetings.

Photography of all properties:
We have completed the exterior photography of all properties.  Our photographers may continue to be in the field as part of our quality control program. 
Photographs of relevant sales information is available fore review on the second floor of the Public Safety building during informal hearing hours.  Please call Certified Valuations, Inc. to confirm that they will be available for review prior to appearing.

Income producing properties / commercial properties:
Requests for income and expense information (also known as Chapter 91 requests) have been mailed to all commercial property owners.  Feel free to call Certified or the Assessor’s office for assistance in completing your forms, or if you have misplaced your forms and need additional copies. If you have not yet done so, please take the time to complete and return these forms now.  We advise that you also read the law posted within the request.

Notification of value:
The revaluation is scheduled to be completed for use in the 2013 tax year. 
Please keep in mind that the tax rate will change as a result of the new assessed value of your property. 
Value Letters are currently in the process of being mailed to property owners.  
These notices will indicate the value that we intend to report to the Morris County Tax Board for use in the 2013 tax book. 
Your preliminary value letter will also include information to assist you in arranging for an individual meeting to review your property record card with a member of our staff.  These optional meetings are held locally with daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments available. 
Final value letters will be mailed to all property owners who have attended an informal taxpayer meeting or sent correspondence requesting a review of their proposed assessed value.

Additional information:
Should you consider that the new value does not accurately reflect the fair market value of your property, you may contact the Assessor’s office or the Morris County Tax Board to obtain information on the appeal process.
Should you choose to file a County Tax Appeal, this year you will have until May 1, 2013 to file at the Morris County Board of Taxation.  Petitions for appeal must be received to the Morris County Board of Taxation by May 1st.  Please see the petition for more complete details and read instructions carefully.
Municipal Assessor:  Lisa Baratto, CTA

Number of properties (approximate):

  • Residential properties: 4,199
  • Vacant land properties: 67
  • Commercial properties: 265
  • Exempt properties: 128

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Certified Valuations, Inc. office at 973-361-2701.