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Hartley Dodge Memorial Building
50 Kings Road
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)

Hartley Dodge Renovation

HDM Capital Project Concepts Presented by Architect for Renovations to the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building and New Fire & Police Facility

Site Plan

Building Plan

From September 23, 2003 Special Council Meeting:
•Preliminary Concepts by Architect for Hartley Dodge Memorial Renovation presented at the September 23rd special Council Meeting.

From October 15, 2003 Meeting:
•Powerpoint Presentation by Architect at the October 15th Meeting: Option 2 Renovation of Hartley Dodge Memorial

From January 28, 2004 Meeting:
•Two part presentation of options presented by Architect for Hartley Dodge Memorial Renovations, location of Police and Fire Facility

From September 8, 2004 Meeting:
Informal Public Meeting
•Fire & Police Schematic Design
•Hartley Dodge Design Development

From December 7, 2005 Groundbreaking: 
Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Fire & Police Facility