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In reference to the Road Program, capital plans may be framed in the context of approximately 240 roads that exist in the Borough, for which a 20 year infrastructure plan will require in its simplest form, the attention to approximately 12 roads per year.  Road reconstruction may include regrading, storm drain, sanitary sewer, water main, gas main, electric or communication conduit, curb, sidewalk, milling or overlay, and thus require significant planning.  Sealing, overlay or spot maintenance may be completed under annual operating programs.

Please find the following index of infrastructure improvement projects listed in the six year capital plan or on a general long term infrastructure improvement plan. The long term infrastructure plans are intended to be a financial tool to avoid individual property owner or nieghborhood improvement assessments.  They also serve as a general priority plan on what improvements are cosntructed and when, however, rarely can individual construction date predictions be verified several years in advance, let alone twenty years or more.  If specific plans are not available in draft electronic form, please contact the department for more information.

Twenty Year Management Plan

Six Year Capital Plan

Annual Capital Budget