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(973) 593-3060
(973) 593-4955
Hartley Dodge Memorial Building
50 Kings Road
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)

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Map No. Map Title Street/Location Map Date
INDEX Location Map Borough of Madison File Map Index


n/a Shunpike Road November 30, 1867
12 St. Vincent's Cemetery Cemetery March 1861
19 Alfred B. Brittin Division St/West St May 10, 1869
31.1 Madison Land Assoc. Gibbons Pl November 30, 1869
31.2 MLA Edward Holland Lathrop Avenue November 30, 1869
33 n/a n/a n/a
34 William S. Genung Division, DollyWardenAve n/a
39 n/a Morris & Essex Line adds n/a
83 Hill-Side Cemetary Main Street 1878
175 V.S.K.Beaupland n/a 1895
182 William Bryce Esq. Greenwood Avenue March 17, 1892
201 Parcel Map Borough of Madison 1893
212 Alvah L. Reynolds Grove Street March 20, 1895
241 Pomeroy, EC Pomeroy Road 1895
250 George E. Sayre Center & East Street August 2, 1898
256 n/a North Street August 14, 1899
259 Hill Side Cemetery Main Street 14-Jun-00
311 Shultz, Michael Gibbons Place vicinity September 19,1907
354 Hillcrest Park Hillcrest Rd, Highview Ter 9-Oct-09
357 Seamam, FA Seaman Street 19-Oct-09
362 Sayre, Joseph M Sayre Court 29-Dec-09
370 Sayre, Joseph M Ridgedale, Walnut, Central, Cook Ave 2-Jun-10
377 Fairwoods at Madison Fairwood Road 13-Aug-10
384 Allabough Dev. Co. Fairwood Road 13-Dec-10
388 Tuttle, Samuel L Pomeroy Road 18-Feb-11
389 Tuttle, Samuel L Hillside Avenue 18-Feb-11
395 Fairwoods at Madison Fairwood Road 20-May-11
403 Fairwoods at Madison Fairwood Road September 15,1911
410 Binsse, EH Park Avenue 13-Dec-11
411 Binsse, EH Park Avenue 13-Dec-11
412 Binsse, EH Kinney Street 13-Dec-11
415 Rosedale Park Main Street, Oak Ave 31-Jan-12
453 Highland Gardens Rosedale, Highland Ave 12-Mar-13
472 Lyon, Edward E Central Avenue 1-Nov-13
536 Fairwoods at Madison Glendale Road September 12,1917
567 Madison Realty Academy Road April 22,1921
604 Dehart, Luke C DeHart Place 24-Mar-23
605 Dehart, Luke C Valevue Road 24-Mar-23
607 Brooke Lane Park Greenwood Avenue 11-Apr-23
610 Binsse, Henry B (Mrs.) Chateau Thierry 17-May-23
624 Pomeroy, EC Keep Street 3-Jan-24
635 Dwyer, John W John Street, Dwyer St 13-May-24
639 St. Michaels Building Loveland Street 3-Jun-24
658 Ruzicka, Joseph F Rose Court 9-Sep-24
678 Brooklake Heights Pine Tree, Durwood Rd 15-Dec-24
687 Hall, NH (Mrs.) Marion Ave, Kinney St 16-Mar-25
692 Young, Hannah M Morris Pl, Madison Ave 26-May-25
696 Binsse, Henry B (Mrs.) Danforth Road 19-Jun-25
710 Burnet Terrace Woodcliff Drive September24,1925
716 Luciano, Salvadore West St, Kinney St 10-Oct-25
717 Oak Knoll Beech, Rose, Pine Ave 10-Oct-25
756 Rose City Development Milton Ave, Weston Ave 20-Oct-26
757 Madison Homes Co Beach, Rose, Pine, Park 6-Nov-26
769 Floyds Village Tract Floyd Street, Bardon St 8-Mar-27
782 Madison Heights Roscoe, Rachael, Douglas 30-Jul-27
787 Hyview Terrace Highview Terrace 29-Aug-27
792 Ridgedale Park Ridgedale Avenue 3-Oct-27
817 Harmon National R.E. Parkside,Longview,Valley 22-Jun-28
857 Hyview Terrace Highview Terrace 18-Oct-29
934 Dellwood Park Dellwood Dr, Pkwy 1-Mar-33
997 Webb Estates Inc Woodland Rd, Green Ave 6-Oct-37
998 Loantaka Terrace Loantaka Terrace 10-Nov-37
1008 Gates-Way Parks Shady Lawn Drive 27-Jul-38
1011 General Properties Inc East Lane, West Lane 20-Sep-38
1027 Shady Lawn Manor Shady Lawn Drive 1-Sep-39
1033 D & R Realty Co Shady Lawn Drive 22-Nov-39
1034 Madison Building Co Loantaka Terrace 10-Jan-40
1035 General Properties Inc East Lane, West Lane 23-Feb-40
1056 Fairwood Road Fairwood Road 19-May-41
1065 Central Ave Heights Lorraine Road 12-Aug-41
1116 Mr. and Mrs.Stoddard Holden Lane 5-Aug-45
1118 Ardsleigh Ardsleigh Drive 14-Aug-46
1123 Rosewood Corp Rosewood CrestwoodAve 7-Nov-46
1130 Ardsleigh in Madison Ardsleigh, Redmond Drive 16-May-47
1174 Kensington Gardens Kensington Road 13-Jan-49
1180 Allen, George & Ruth Sherwood Avenue 28-Apr-49
1209 George B Apgar Central Avenue 28-Nov-49
1210 Volker and Apgar Sherwood Avenue 27-Dec-49
1227 Knollwood Estates Knollwood Avenue 7-Jul-50
1229 Kull, AF Overhill Drive 31-Mar-52
1253 Knollwood Estates Hamilton St, Sherwood Av 17-Jan-51
1309 Albright Village Albright Circle 31-Mar-52
1311 Dogwood Drive Est Dogwood Drive 22-Apr-52
1328 Kings Estate Arlena Court 5-Jun-52
1326 Loantaka Estates Laurel Way 5-Jun-52
1327 Madison Kings Road 5-Jun-52
1331 Ridgedale Park Fairview, Rosedale Ave 11-Jun-52
1340 Rosedale Village West End Ave, Surrey La 15-Jul-52
1341 Piluso, Ernest Kings Road, Samson Ave 16-Jul-52
1360 Esposito, Patrick Alma Avenue 28-Aug-52
1407 Mr. and Mrs.Stoddard Holden Lane 18-May-53
1412 Ridgedale Park Canterbury Road 22-May-53
1448 Glenfield Barnsdale Road 14-Dec-53
1456 Hamilton Park Beverly Road 22-Dec-53
1464 Madison Park Homes Anthony Dr, Wayne Rd 21-Jan-54
1490 Glenfield Manor Barnsdale Road 25-Jun-54
1503 Crestview Crestview, Broadway Ave, 17-Aug-54
1505 Wilson Lane Wilson Lane 17-Aug-54
1504 Rosedale Ranch Hm Lewis Drive 17-Aug-54
1564 Federal Contractors Barnsdale Road 17-Mar-55
1597 Hunter Park Estates Hunter Drive 6-Jun-55
1624 Timmins, Philip J Loantaka Way 24-Aug-55
1627 Glenfield Hunter Drive 26-Aug-55
1628 Glenfield Winding Way 26-Aug-55
1684 Crestview 2 Crestview, Noe 30-Sept-58
1750 Parkview Manor Niles Avenue, Fletcher Pl 29-Nov-56
1780 Baldwin, Cyril & Albert Green Village, Shunpike 25-Feb-57
1830 Parkview Manor Delbarton Drive 5-Aug-57
1831 Rolling Hill Coursen Way 5-Aug-57
1837 Major Subdivision Ridgedale Avenue 16-Sep-57
1865 Elm Village Elm Street 2-Jan-58
1873 Harwood Harwood Drive 24-Jan-58
2020 Ridgedale Park Seven Oaks Circle 19-Feb-60
2049 Wyngate Park Lane 10-Jun-60
2184 Woodside Estates Glenwild Road 13-Jun-61
2242 Carteret Court Carteret Circle 16-May-62
2262 Southview Fox Chase, Candlewood 6-Jun-62
2283 Washington Village Prospect Street 31-Jul-62
2314 Stonehedge Stonehedge Lane 19-Nov-62
2341 Stafford Village Stafford Drive 24-Apr-63
2399 Stafford Village Stafford Drive 8-Nov-63
2496 Field, Charles Kings Road 13-Oct-64
2546 Yardley Village Avon Drive 24-Feb-65
2551 Rosedale Park Dean Street 12-Mar-65
2566 Ross Court Sanders Road 18-May-65
2592 Yardley Village Troy Court 26-Jul-65
2606 Rosedale Estates Rosedale Avenue 10-Sep-65
2747 John Marshall Village John Marshall Lane 15-Feb-67
2783 Major Subdivison Douglas Avenue 16-May-67
2847 Valevue Manor Tracy Lane 19-Feb-68
2864 Allocco Bros. Plain Street 1-May-68
2943 Ulshoffer Grove Street 2-Apr-69
2967 Pennell, Clarence Pomeroy Road 17-Jul-69
3051 Allen, Vicotor O Loantaka Way 11-May-70
3056 S De Marco and Sons Plain Street 8-Jun-70
3059 Final Map South Oak Court 12-Jun-70
3060 Errico, Eugene&Mary North Street 15-Jun-70
3136 Tax Map Greenwood, Lorraine Rd 28-May-71
3152 Colonial Estates Colonial Way 28-Jul-71
3179 Midwood Estates Midwood, Woodland Rd 18-Nov-71
3199 Tax Map Durwood Road 3-Mar-72
3243 Essex Place Tract Essex Place 12-Oct-72
3249 Siciliano, Mark&Al Garfield Avenue 1-Nov-72
3264 Treadwell Estates Nordling Lane 22-Jan-73
3339 Kluxen Estate Hoyt Street, Fairview Ave 11-Mar-74
3352 Final Subdivison Map Hoyt Street 10-Jun-74
3398 Lassiter, Rebecca P Howell Street 26-Feb-75
3601 Madison Glen Claire Ct, Buttenheim Ter 27-May-77
3620 Final Subdivison Ridgedale Avenue 28-Jul-77
3627 Final Map Pine Avenue 24-Aug-77
3656 Subdivison Main St, Waverly Place 12-Jan-78
3681 Parkview Estates Chateau Thierry 19-Apr-78
3815 Madison Green Village Green Village Road 5-Jun-79
3928 Madison Common Cheteau Thierry 2-Jul-80
3932 Eur Am Financial Corp Main Street, Niles Avenue 4-Aug-80
3950 Union Hill Union Hill Road 3-Oct-80
4007 Giralda Farms Giralda Farms 13-Aug-81
4009 Madison Common Chateau Thierry 14-Aug-81
4065 Girlada Farms Giralda Farms 30-Mar-82
4075 Lot 12B Block 13 Hoyt Street 17-Jun-82
4156 University Meadows Loantaka Terrace 29-Mar-83
4403 Rolling Hill Court Rolling Hill Court 29-Aug-85
4411 Dellwood Estates Old Greenhouse Lane 24-Sep-85
4432 Girlada Farms Giralda Farms 6-Dec-85
4434 Lot 7 Block 3202 Loantaka Way, Woodland 10-Dec-85
4472 The Pines at Madison Crestview & Lawrence 21-May-86
4502 The Hill at Madison Union Hill Road 15-Aug-86
4616 Official Map Borough of Madison 19-Oct-87
4643 Drew University Drew University 12-Jan-88
4690 Drew University Drew University 11-Aug-88
4778 Hill at Madison Independence Court 27-Jun-89
4820 Lots 7 & 8 Block 3202 Loantaka Way, Woodland 8-Dec-89
4840 Lot 27 Block 4402 Shepherd Lane 23-Feb-90
4932 Rolling Hills at Madison Wisteria Court 25-Jul-91
4966 Lot 5, 6, 7 Block 1201 Centre Street 25-Jun-92
5108 Final Plat Giralda Farms 8-Sep-94
5110 Kings Court Magnolia Court 12-Sep-94
5138 Final Plot Brannick Drive 7-Feb-95
5239 Final Plot Rachael Ave, Peach Tree



Twombly Oaks Madison Avenue