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Engineering Department

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Hartley Dodge Memorial Building
50 Kings Road
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)




Please find the following index of construction projects, progress and photographs for public review.  If specific projects are not available in  electronic form, please contact the department for more information.


Overall Progress

Since July 2001, the following capital projects have been advanced: Paving on West and Elm Street, Green Ave Lot, and the Shooting Range; DPW Salt Dome structure construction; DeHart Place/Cedar Street water main replacement; Library HVAC system closeout; Dodge Field light upgrades; Water Meter Radio Equipment; etc.


Specific Projects

2000 Road Program Progress - Construction completed.

Green Parking -  E-Photo1 

West/Elm St -  E-Photo2 

Police Range -  E-Photo3


2001 Road Program - Reconstruction to be Bid.

Cedar Water -  E-Photo1 

Cedar Water -  E-Photo2 

Cedar Water -  E-Photo3


2001 Infrastructure Project Progress - Construction complete.

Dome -  E-Photo1 

Dome -  E-Photo2 

Dome -  E-Photo3