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PSEG North Central Reliability Project

May 18, 2012

Beginning next week, employees/surveyors of BL Companies, a subcontractor of Henkels & McCoy, Inc., will be working on the electric transmission right-of-way for Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSE&G).
They will set control points in preparation for the construction of the North Central Reliability Project,http://www.pseg.com/family/pseandg/powerline/reliability_projects/north_central.jsp, which will upgrade the electric transmission system.

In order to be prepared for residential inquiries, the surveyors will have their corporate identification card and a letter from PSE&G to validate their work for PSE&G.

If constituents have questions, they can either call the electric transmission toll-free outreach number 1 – 877 – 678 – 5784;

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