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Robert Kalafut, Personnel Officer
(973) 593-3043
50 Kings Road
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)

Employee Information 2012
(This page last updated October 1, 2012)

This page is specifically designed for the employees of the Borough of Madison.  

PaperVision Server

"Employee Handbook" and R37-2011, R250-2011 and R 287-2013 which update the Employee Handbook

Employee Emergency Contact Form

Direct Deposit Form

W-4 Form (2011)

Lincoln Financial
For any information about or changes to your Deferred Compensation account, please call:
Bruce Linger - 800-445-2448 x. 4564   or
Sy Green - 800-445-2448 x. 4591
(If Carolyn Reilly (works with Bruce & Sy) calls, you can speak with her also - 800-445-2448 x. 4590)
Do NOT call anyone at the Headquarters in Indiana.

AFLAC Disability Insurance
   For information, please contact Jim Close, 973-492-3900 

All of the above completed forms need to be returned to Robert Kalafut, CFO/Personnel Officer, 2nd Floor, Hartley Dodge Memorial Building.

Travel Reimbursement:

Training & Hotel Accommodation Approval

Travel Reimbursement Guidelines 10-2013

Meals & Incidentals Reimbursement Request

GSA Federal Per Diem Rates (For Travel Reimbursement; for questions and clarifications, contact Stacey Dooley, x. 3037)

Other Useful Links:

RoseNet mail subscription system

New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits

New Jersey Purchase Bureau

The State of New Jersey

If you have any questions or specific requests as to what should be included on this employee information page, please email personnel&purchasing@adm.rosenet.org