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Building Construction Department

(973) 593-3064
(973) 593-3064
(973) 593-4955
Hartley Dodge Memorial Building
50 Kings Road
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)

Kitchen Renovations

3 Copies of existing & proposed floor plan stapled into sets.

Name & address to appear on top copy of plan.

A plumbing permit is required if fixtures (sink, dishwasher, etc) are being relocated along with a plumbing riser diagram.  A plumbing permit is also required if the piping is being replaced. A gas line diagram is required if a gas line is being extended more than 5 feet.

A building permit is required for structural alterations to walls or window size changes & new insulation.

An electrical permit is required for any new wiring, lighting or electrical appliance installations.

The replacement of kitchen cabinets, counter tops & flooring does not require a building permit.