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Union Beach Partnership

Residents and Businesses are encouraged to support restoration efforts in Union Beach NJ.  Three areas of need have been identified:  The residents, the public school and Project PAUL.

Click HERE for a summary of how Madison has helped Union Beach so far.


1) DONATE MONEY & GIFT CARDS.  Donations to the "Union Beach Disaster Relief Fund" can be mailed to Union Beach Municipal Offices, Attn: Jennifer Maier, 650 Poole Avenue, Union Beach, NJ, 07735.  The Borough is also accepting gift cards to grocery stores, Home Depot, Lowes, Bed, Bath & Beyond and other appropriate stores.  These gift cards will be distributed to Union Beach residents and can be mailed to the same address above or hand delivered to the Borough Administrator Jennifer Maier.

2) DONATE BUILDING SUPPLIES AND HOME GOODS.  The residents of Union Beach also need supplies including 1/2" sheetrock, 2x4's, 1/2" plywood, and 3.5" fiberglass insulation.   They also need appliances, furniture and beds.  They do not need food or clothing.  All items can be delivered to the Disaster Recovery Center at 650 Poole Avenue, Union Beach, NJ.  The Center is open 7 days a week from 9am - 4pm.

3) SUPPORT THE UNION BEACH MEMORIAL SCHOOL.  The best way to help is to donate money to the Union Beach Memorial School Education Foundation.  Donations should be mailed to Borough of Madison, Attn: Ray Codey, 50 Kings Rd, Madison, NJ 07940.  If you have connections in the education industry or would like to help in other ways, please contact Peg Codey at pegcodey@yahoo.com.

4) VOLUNTEER.  Anyone can volunteer including individuals and groups such as a family, friends, co-workers, employees, church group, sports team, etc.  Americorps is organizing the volunteers in Union Beach and the surrounding community.  

Individuals are welcome to drive down to Union Beach and register THAT DAY at the volunteer registration table at the Disaster Recovery Center at 650 Poole Avenue, Union Beach, NJ.  Groups of 20 or more should contact the Americorps Volunteer Coordinator, Junior Fuimaono to register ahead of time.  Make sure to mention that your preference is to work in Union Beach.  Junior can be reached at junior.fuimaono@ecy.wa.gov or 360-742-8726.  This contact information is reserved for groups only.

"What would I do?"  Possible volunteer projects include debris removal, help load/unload supplies at the disaster recovery center, clean the beach and other public spaces, help the staff at the disaster recovery center with administrative tasks.

Anyone can help, but trades people with the following skills are very much needed at this time:  Sheetrocking (most needed right now), building, construction, electrician, HVAC, plumbing.

Click HERE for suggestions on clothing, and how to make your volunteering more effective.

5) SUPPORT PROJECT PAUL.     Food and clothing can be donated to Project PAUL.  Donating to Project Paul is easy! Please visit their website.



On November 26, 2012 the Council agreed to partner with Union Beach NJ to support their restoration efforts after Super Storm Sandy with the idea that selecting a single town would make supporting restoration efforts seem easier, tangible and more manageable.

1) The Devastation.  200 homes were destroyed.  85% of the remaining homes sustained flood damage to the inside of their homes.  There we no fatalities in the town, but the size of the storm surge was unexpected and unprecedented.  Portions of the town were under 10' of water.  The Municipality lost 14 police cars, 3 ambulances and 4 fire trucks.

2) The Proximity.  Union Beach is less then 45 minutes from Madison.

3) The Residents.  Union Beach is not a vacation town.  It is a town of proud, hard working, blue collar residents who all live in Union Beach year round and may not have the economic means to deal with the devestation.  They need help.

Mayor Conley, Councilman Landrigan and Borough staff visited Union Beach on Thursday, November 29 to meet with Union Beach representatives.  A follow up meeting occurred on Saturday, December 1 where officials met with members of the Union Beach governing body.


During a recent visit, Councilman Landrigan and Mayor Conley found a home that washed off its foundation, pushed into another home and then landed partially in the street.

The Madison delegation including Councilman Landrigan, Chris Daggett of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, Madison resident Martin Heller and others met with Union Beach elected officials and staff on Saturday, December 1.