NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids for the DAILY COMPUTER NETWORKING/MAINTENANCE SERVICES bid will include an acknowledgement of this ADDENDUM #1 by the Borough of Madison, County of Morris, State of New Jersey as ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT OF CHANGES TO BID DOCUMENTS included in bid documents (page 27).  Addendum #1 consists of changes/clarifications in the bid specifications as stated below:

1.  This bid is to be viewed as a regular position for one primary individual who we hope will gain knowledge of our system over time.  This individual will be expected to work on-site during established working hours.  The number of hours worked will depend upon the hourly rate that is bid.

2.  There are 150 pieces of computer equipment to be maintained under this contract.

3.  There are five municipal buildings in Madison where this equipment is located.

4.  Throughout the RFB the respondent is asked to “type” the information (i.e. “Type Bidder’s Name”).  In all cases when this is asked the respondent should type or print legibly in ink the information requested.

5.  “Authorized Signature”, “Authorized Representative”, “Affiant”, “Official Signature”, etc. denote the owner or official of the company or the individual bidding who is authorized to enter into this contract.

6.  Page 7 regarding Alternative Equipment or Exceptions refers to any exceptions from the specifications a bidder is proposing in his/her proposal.

7.  The Qualification of Bidder form (pages 15-16) is a standard boilerplate used for all Borough bids.  Not all questions asked are applicable to this bid.  You do not have to reveal the contract amounts when listing the jobs you have performed; questions #6 & #7 are not applicable and can be left unanswered.  If you wish you may attach additional information to the form to fully respond to the questions asked.

8.  The Contract provided is a sample of what will be signed once the bid is awarded.  It does not need to be filled out for the bid submission.

9.  One hourly rate is required in this bid.  The hourly rate will be the rate for the hours worked on–site.

10.  Resumes of those candidates who may be used in this project must be included with the bid proposal.  General information about the company can be provided but the resumes of those candidates being proposed to perform this work MUST be submitted.

11.  The position to be filled is a new position.  The successful candidate will work with the current Network Administrator who has been performing these and other duties.  The workload will now be split so that the Network Administrator will perform primarily system maintenance and the new position will handle primarily desktop maintenance.   

James R. Allison