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Bill Kennard, L.C.S.W.

(973) 301-9010
50-52 Main Street
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)


Private practice in Madison/Chatham for the past thirty years specializing in child and adolescent counseling, parent counseling and individual adult personal growth work. 

  Sub specialties: emotional/developmental/parenting issues with young children, childhood anxieties and fears, attention deficit issues, grief work with children and families, peer and school related problems with young teens and high school students.    I have given community presentations on:    

Teaching "safe anger" within families

 Specific child and adolescent emotional health issues to PTO's, churches and nursery schools   

In-service workshops on recognizing depression/anxiety in children for elementary school teachers  

Strategies for  kids with Attention Deficit Disorder  

Parent workshops on raising emotionally healthy boys.