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Halloween Isn't All About Candy!

October 27, 2011

Madison's first, second and third graders received Halloween toothbrushes in preparation for next week's candy.

Central Avenue, Torey J. Sabatini, Kings Road and St. Vincent Martyr schools were all visited by Kelly Olsen and Andrea Ceresa of Adams Dental in Madison. They delivered children's toothbrushes with orange handles and black bristles along with instructions on how to brush their teeth. The brushes will be handed out to all first, second and third graders during their Halloween festivities.

Kelly Olsen, hygienist, felt it was important to put a different spin on Halloween. She said: "I know that children will eat candy on Halloween and it's not realistic to tell a second grader to turn down a Tootsie Roll. But at least we can encourage good brushing habits afterwards."

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