Madison Sidewalk Gallery/Gala & Auction

marts 1This summer, downtown Madison is once again surrounded by color and movement as nine vibrant and creative banners have been installed on lightposts above Main Street and Waverly Place.    First conceived in 2013, The Sidewalk Gallery & Banner Installation, a public art project and exhibition, is a collaborative partnership between Downtown Development Commission and Madison Arts & Culture Alliance.   This project integrates the arts into the lives of all Madison's residents, business owners and visitors.  Each of the talented New Jersey artists has lent their creative energy to the project and these beautiful works of art will be exhibited throughout the streets of downtown Madison over the summer.

The banners will be on display through the fall and a public art auction will take place in October where everyone will have the opportunity to bid on and purchase an original piece of art.  More information about the date of the auction will be forthcoming.

Working together, the DDC and MACA have forged a partnership that focuses on creating community space, encouraging people to enjoy the beauty and interest that art provides.  Placed in public sites, this art is there for everyone, a form of collective community expression and a colorful and beautiful way to enhance our vibrant downtown.

The participating artists are:  Dani Pietrowski, Chris Kappmeier, Corey  Bohner, Leslie Wallant, Leah O’Gorman, Scot Lukasc, Sally Lebwohl, Dennis McKee and Beth Layne.

The Madison Art & Culture Alliance (MACA), is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit coalition of arts organizations, cultural institutions, historic societies, colleagues, and friends, dedicated to encouraging collaborations among the wide-ranging cultural offerings in Madison. Their ongoing mission is to help strengthen our community through arts participation, recognizing that Madison, New Jersey is a town with rich and diverse cultural activities.

The Downtown Development Commission (DDC) was initiated by Mayor Elizabeth Baumgartner and the Borough Council in October of 1981, following a study by Projects for Public Space, funded through a Dodge Foundation Grant. The DDC is focused on coordinating redevelopment activities in the downtown district to foster a closer working relationship between all segments of the Madison community. The group works closely with the Chamber of Commerce, Historic Preservation Commission, Madison Arts & Culture Alliance, and other groups to enhance the beauty and ambiance of Madison’s shopping areas.

The Hartley Dodge Memorial Building is located at 50 Kings Road (opposite the Madison Train Station). For more information you can contact us at or

Check out this years artwork!

Corey Bohner


Chris Kappmeier


Beth Layne


Scott Lukasc


Dani Pietrowski


Dennis McKee


Leslie Wallant


Sally Lebwohl


Leah O'Gorman