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linda zamer art

Art Exhibit

The Paintings of Linda Zamer

In the Chase Room Gallery 

Oct 29—Dec 3, 2019

Linda says:

I demonstrated a strong interest in music and art at an early age. Having been influenced by two family members who were professional artists, I decided at age ten to enroll in an art class at the Newark Junior Museum and traveled by bus every Saturday to have fun with art in the museum garden and indoors in a studio.

While my career was in teaching and professional counseling, I enrolled in local painting classes and enjoyed painting at home. Following my retirement, I continued taking classes in oil painting in Livingston and Jupiter, Florida. As a member of the Lighthouse Foundation for the Arts in Tequesta, Florida, I volunteer and exhibit in their gallery. I have also exhibited in Livingston as a member of the local art council, at the Morris County Library, the Livingston Library and the Morristown Library. My paintings can be seen in various popular spots in Jupiter Florida. I recently won third prize in the 2019 Township of Jupiter Art Show for an oil painting of Venice Italy. While I have experimented in water color and acrylics, my preferred medium is oil, favored for its richness in color and texture and the ability to blend. Most recently I have begun to work with pastels which afford great diversity in texture and color.

Stop by the Chase Room this Autumn and see the beautiful paintings of Linda Zamer. Free. 

no reason ever was given_RGB-digital

Art Exhibit

The Verily Verily Garage: a collection of recent artwork by Scott Sorrentino

In the Chase Room Gallery

Saturday, Sep. 7 from 2-5pm

A collection of recent artwork by Essex Fells artist, Scott Sorrentino, Saturday, September 7th through Friday, October 25th, 2019. Opening reception: Saturday, September 7th, 2-5pm. 

A free exhibit.  


Adult Craft Club

First Thursdays of the Month @1:30pm

Join us for the new Madison Public Library Craft Club! We will meet the first Thursday of every month in the library alcove at 1:30. We will explore a different craft each month - book folding, string art, decoupage, painting and much more! Registration is required so that supply needs can be determined. There is NO fee for this program.


ESL Conversation Class

Begins Wednesday, Oct. 9, 7:00 pm

 Class is intended for intermediate to advanced non-native English speakers who wish to improve their conversation skills for social and workplace situations. The class will teach pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms, and more through reading aloud, listening, and interactive activities. More information may be obtained by contacting the Literacy Volunteers of Morris County at (973) 984-1998

The class will be held every Wednesday from September 11th until November 27th

george washington

Relive the Revolutionary War

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 7:00pm

Relive and remember The Revolutionary War as interpreted by Washington’s Headquarters volunteer docent Joel Farkas!

This lecture starts with Major George Washington and The French and Indian War. Joel will then go into more detail about The Revolutionary War including "No Taxation without Representation". The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, The Declaration of Independence and much more! And of course, he will discuss George's Cherry Tree and his teeth!

In addition, Joel will take us on a visual tour of the Ford Mansion (Washington’s Headquarters) looking at some of the historical artifacts in the mansion, their stories, and in some cases their connection to George Washington.

Online registration required for this program. 

Eastern State Penitentiary: A History

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 7:00 pm

Author Paul Kahan will be here discussing his book on one of Philadelphia's most well known landmarks, the Eastern State Penitentiary. Paul Kahan presents the history of this revolutionary penitentiary, from its inception as a model of the revolutionary Pennsylvania System of incarceration in 1829 to the demands for its closure in the wake of ever-increasing violence in 1971. Online registration required for this program.


Joy of Opera: A Reflection of Life

On Saturday, November 16, from 11am-1pm, The Madison Public Library at 39 Keep Street will feature a lecture designed to suit both seasoned opera lovers and newcomers alike.

 Recorded musical excerpts and video examples will be presented in order to explore insights into the minds and souls of the composers whose works still affect us today.

 Presented by Louis Barrella of Opera of Florham, Lou has been a dedicated music educator for over forty years, specializing in music and opera appreciation in schools, and for many cultural organizations. He has also presented workshops and organized student trips for the Education Department of the Metropolitan Opera for thirty five years, and continues to do so.

Registration required for this free program. 


Gap Year for Students: For Juniors and Seniors and their Parents

39 Keep Street

Tuesday, Nov. 19, 7:00pm

More and more, U.S. teens are considering their options before jumping right from high school to college. Rather than simply choosing among colleges, many of today’s high school seniors are also beginning to defer the college experience – usually for a year. This “Gap Year” – which has been a standard practice in the U.K. for years – is growing rapidly in popularity here in the U.S. Experience has shown that 90% of students taking a gap year will enroll in a four year college, and be more focused, mature and ready to embrace college learning. There are many types of gap year experiences. Some teens stay close to home. Some travel the world. Some combine work, service and travel. There is no formula for a “perfect” gap year. However, it is important for students to make thoughtful choices, so their experience helps them grow as citizens, develop their passions, and become better thinkers.

Katherine Stievater, a Gap Year Advisor and Founder of Gap Year Solutions will explain why gap years are growing in popularity and how any student can benefit from a gap year. She will explain different gap year options and the gap year planning process, including how it relates to college planning. This program is especially geared to high school juniors and seniors and their parents.

The Summer Seminar Series

Thank you for visiting us during the 35th season of the Summer Seminar Series, which began July 8th and ran through August 1st. Below is a listing of these free seminars for this past summer. Our committee attempts to arrange interesting quality seminars every summer.
The seminars are free. No registration required. Seating is limited for these popular programs. In order for the seminars to begin on time, and in order to help us avoid congestion at the doors, please do not save seats. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
doug simon

Summer Seminar Series

Monday, Jul. 8, 10:30 am

Total attendance for this popular speaker's seminar was 73.

Doug Simon: Is the Post WWII International System in Danger of Collapse?

Led by the US, the post WWII international system was constructed with the idea of bringing order to the system and avoiding conditions that caused the horrors of two world wars. That system is now under stress. Join us for this timely seminar.

Dr. Simon is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at Drew University, where he specializes in international affairs.


Summer Seminar Series

Thursday, July 11th, 10:30am 

 Rick Geffken :Slavery in New Jersey and the Quaker Abolition Movement

This presentation is an overview of the history and legacy of slavery in New Jersey, and how Quakers influenced its eventual illegality. New Jersey, sadly, was the last northern state to outlaw slavery (1866). The majority of New Jersey voters also voted against Abraham Lincoln in the 1864 election.

A retired U.S. Army officer and Viet Nam veteran, he holds a BS in Economics from St. Peter’s University, a Secondary Teaching Certificate from Monmouth University, and an MA from Montclair State University.

nicholas corasanti

Summer Seminar Series

Free. No registration required.

Monday, July 15th @10:30 am

Nicholas Corasaniti: Finding Truth in the Historically Wide and Diverse 2020 Election Field

The sprawling Democratic field in the 2020 election presents a unique challenge to reporters: How best to fairly cover the issues and policies brought forth by so many different candidates, and also properly hold them to account?

Chatham native Nick Corasaniti is a New Jersey-based correspondent for The New York Times. He covered the 2016 presidential campaigns of President Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor Chris Christie.


Summer Seminar Series

Thursday, July 18th @10:30am

Martin Kane: Lake Hopatcong’s Rise as a Great Resort

From the 1880s through the 1930s thousands visited the Lake Hopatcong each year, including leaders of government, industry, and entertainment. Learn about this ‘Jewel of the Mountains’, and its rise as a great resort.

A graduate of Queens College and St. John’s University School of Law, Martin Kane is a native of New York City. Now retired from government law, Marty has served as president of the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum since 1990, and has been a board member with the Lake Hopatcong Foundation since its founding in 2012.


Summer Seminar Series

Free. No registration required.

Monday, July 22nd @10:30 am

Martin Schneit: Growing up in NYC During WWII

New York was the setting for the German American Bund, the Manhattan Project, the Brooklyn Army Terminal, the Stage Door Canteen, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Camp Shanks, troopships, and more.

A native New Yorker, historian Martin Schneit has lectured widely in NYC and recorded for the Jewish Braille Institute.

michael gabriele

Summer Seminar Series

Thursday, July 25th, 10:30am 

Michael Gabriele: New Jersey Folk Revival Music                                                               

Michael Gabriele will speak about the contents of his book, which traces the history of the genre of folk revival music and how it has evolved over the years.

Michael is a lifelong resident of New Jersey, and graduate of Montclair State University. He has worked as a writer and journalist for more than forty years. He is a member of the executive board of the Nutley Historical Society, and serves on the advisory board of the Clifton Arts Center.


Summer Seminar Series: Born and Raised as Muslim Americans

Monday, Jul. 29, 10:30 am

Two American-born and raised Muslim men, one of Immigrant Pakistani parents and one of American born Caucasian convert parents. Both are intensely loyal and proud of their American identity. Both are devout practicing Muslims raising families in New Jersey.

Are there conflicts between their Muslim and American identities? Do they face prejudice or bias in their lives? How are they forging a path of faith in today’s America? Find out at this fascinating seminar.

A free seminar. No registration required.

john kieser 2

Summer Seminar Series: Revolutionary War Battles almost in your Backyard

Thursday, Aug. 1, 10:30 am

Morristown, Springfield and Connecticut Farms: these local familiar places were all battlefields more than 200 years ago. Find out about these battles and the significance of the locations at this seminar.

John Kieser, is a retired Professional Engineer and real estate developer. David Siegfried is a graduate of Madison High School and Harvard Law School and was an attorney in NYC and Asia. Both men are members of NJ Sons of the American Revolution.

A free seminar. No registration required.

david siegfried

Films at the Library

Free. No registration required.

(Film synopses derived from IMDb.)

Be sure to make time in your schedule for these great films.

pickup on south street

Wednesday Night Films: Pickup on South Street

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 7:00 PM


Director:Samuel Fuller

Stars: Richard Widmark, Jean Peters

A pickpocket unwittingly lifts a message destined for enemy agents and becomes a target for a Communist spy ring.

adventures sherlock holmes

Wednesday Night Films: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Wednesday, Oct. 30, 7:00 PM

1939/ 85 min/ NR

Stars Basil Rahtbone, Nigel Bruce, Ida Lupino

The master sleuth hunts his archenemy, Professor Moriarty, who is planning the crime of the century.

     (Description from IMDb)

Free. No registration required.

night train munich

Wednesday Night Films: Night Train to Munich

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 7:00 pm

1940/ 90 min/ NR

Stars Margaret Lockwood, Rex Harrison, Paul Henreid

When Germany invades Czechoslovakia, the German and the British intelligence services try to capture Czech scientist Dr. Axel Bomasch (James Harcourt), inventor of a new type of armor-plating.

        (Description from IMDb.)

Free. No registration required.