Why Do You Shop Madison?

"I grew up near Madison downtown, but now live in North Carolina. Whenever I come visits my folks for the holidays, I always go to Madison to shop around Blue Ride Mountain Sports and grab lunch at On a Roll. It's such a special place, indeed." -- Clare Fieseler

"Shopping Madison is very critical these days. Seeing empty stores and buildings should be a wake-up call to everyone. Business owners have put all their faith and money to support Madison and we need our customers to support the town as well. All the stores that I have done business with have been a pleasure to deal with. You do not get that kind of service at the mall or online." -- Arleen J. Gaetani

"We all shop Madison to support the local merchants so they can continue to serve us the way we have learned to love and cherish." -- Brad Cramer

"We live about a mile from downtown, so we can walk to may great restaurants. If you travel around the USA, you realize how special Madison is when you return home. We have an excellent selection of a variety of place to share a meal with friends. Several of our out-of town friends love Shanghai Jazz, one of our favorite places." -- Joe Glade

"Shopping in Madison is like visiting friends. There is nowhere that compares to Madison when it comes to friendly, personal attention and genuine hometown pride!" -- Harriet McCarter

"The other day I went and got a cup of coffee at Drip. Then, mortified, I realized I forgot my money. Ruppert said 'Don't worry about it Mate, just pay me the next time'. Wow. How cool is that? You sure don't get that kind of service from a Corporate mega-chain Barista! I am a Drip customer for EVER." -- Anonymous