Permit Instructions

In order to process your permit efficiently, we ask that you comply with the following instructions. Failure to do so will delay your permit. Zoning Approval is required for all new structures and additions prior to submitting permit package to the Building Department.

Plan Submission
The State of New Jersey Law permits only the owner of a single-family residence who also resides there or a New Jersey State Registered Architect or a Licensed Engineer to prepare plans. All plans for other uses must be prepared by a New Jersey State Registered Architect or a Licensed Engineer. A business owner cannot prepare plans. New Jersey State Licensed electrical and plumbing contractors are permitted to prepare and seal wiring and plumbing riser diagrams for 1 and 2 family dwelling units and Class III structures.

Residential Use
Three sets of stapled structural plans to be submitted bearing the owners name and job address. If plans are prepared by New Jersey Licensed Architect 2 of the 3 sets must be signed and sealed by the architect. The plan must include electrical wiring and plumbing riser diagrams if applicable. A gas piping diagram is required for more than 5 feet of gas line extensions.

Cubic volume, square footage of new structure and square footage of largest floor area must be indicated on the manila folder and Building Subcode Form for all new dwellings and additions. Dry well calculations and location is required for any new building or structure that exceeds 400 square feet of ground area.

If a New Jersey State Registered Architect or a Licensed Engineer is employed, 2 of the 3 sets of plans must be sealed. Additions greater than 5% of the dwelling and said dwelling was constructed prior to 1977, a simple floor plan showing basement to attic is to be submitted for smoke detector placement. New structures and additions must be designed to the New Jersey Energy Code. Compliance reports must be submitted with the permit package.

Free software is available at U.S. Department of Energy's website or online at REScheck.web. Wall bracing detail is required.

New Dwellings
Morris County Soil Conservation approval is required. Call 973 285-2953 for information. Affordable Housing Development (COAH) fees are required under Ordinance 59-2007, Sect. 195-46.

Commercial Use
Three sets of stapled structure plans prepared by a New Jersey State Registered Architect or Licensed Engineer to be submitted. Plans to bear owners name and job address.
  • 2 of the 3 sets must be sealed.
  • Plan must include wiring, plumbing and mechanical drawings if applicable.
  • Cubic volume and square footage of new building or addition must be indicated.
  • Storm Water Management Requirements must be met for any structure or addition exceeding 400 square feet of roof area.
Permit Applications
  • Please clearly print in ink (If we can’t read it, we can’t process it).
  • Complete all the information on each application including contractors’ name, address and phone number. Fill in estimated cost on each application.
  • Electrical and Plumbing Contractors must sign and seal applications.
  • Complete all information on manila folder and certifications on inside cover.
  • Block and lots do not have to be filled in.
  • Specifications for new/replacement heating units or wood/gas stoves must be submitted with applications. Chimney Liner Certifications are required for replacement heating equipment.
  • The placement of exterior equipment such as an air conditioning unit requires a survey indicating location of same.
  • The permit package must be submitted complete. We will not accept piece-meal packages.
All permits are reviewed by date received order. There are no exceptions because of job size.